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Some Things Just Naturally Get Better With Age


Bridal makeup
Doing makeup

You deserve better than a rushed make up or massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed. why compromise, We can take care of all your needs, Walk into one of Palakkad’s first and oldest makeup studio and SPA, at Athulya our Experts will take care of all your beauty and SPA requirements.


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Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it's a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside. And we here to help you transform the true you, from Bridal to party or casual, we can transform you to a new level


At our spa you can enjoy the true mineral rich spring waters which is used to give you medicinal and relaxing bath. walkout rejuvenated after a SPA section at Athulya

Hair Treatments

Hectic life is giving you hair problems?, No worries our experts are here to help you out with all your hair and scalp problems

Skin Treatments

Our signature of beauty is what others see, and skin is the most important role player in the game, having a skin problem is common these days, we have solution for all your skin problems

Face and Body

If you’re reading this, you probably understand the joy and satisfaction that comes from walking down the makeup aisle. It’s a real treat, isn’t it? As women, we all have unique beauty routines we create to complement our sense of style. And makeup is a truly magical tool it is powerful and trans formative. There are no set rules, and you have the freedom to express who you are, the way you want to be, where as spa is a location where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) is used to give medicinal baths. We offer various health treatments, which are also known as baloney therapy. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide, but are especially widespread in Europe and Japan. Day spas are also quite popular and offer various personal care treatments that you can also find at our Body and Mind Therapy Center.

What more....

Wart Removal

Walk in if you want get that wart removed with modern techniques

Ear piercing

Ear Piercing

Thinking of your next stud, we have solution for your ear piercings

Mehandi Designing

Wide varitey of latest mehandi desigs



Get those unwanted facial hairs removed

Nail art

Nail Arts

Try out our Nail art studio, for refreshing look for your fingers

Hair Extensions

No more worries about short hair, we have permanent hair fixing solutions